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What to do with the downloads?
Why do some downloads not work?
Why do some/all objects not appear in my game?
Which addons do I need?
Do the download objects also work with the newest Addons?
Where are the collection files and how can I use them?
How can I make own collections?
How can I place my objects optimally (e.g. diagonal)?
Why is this site called SimGedöhns?

What to do with the downloads?

All downloads are compressed (zipped). To use them you need a (un-) compressiontool like WinZip (Shareware) or QuickZip (Freeware). There is already an unzip tool contained in Win XP. Please use the windows help to use it.

After decompression:

Objects and Skins-Components (fileextension: .package) must be copied to the downloads folder. You find this folder at
C:\...\My documents\EA Games\The Sims 2
If you don´t have this folder there just create a new one at this location and name it: "Downloads".

Complete Sims (fileextension: .sims2pack) just doubleclick to install.

Houses will be installed automatically after clicking the file (fileextension: .sims2pack). You can find them on the bottom of your screen, wehen you are in a Neighbourhood at the buildmode. You can choose them there and place them on a free area.

Or in short form:
Fileextension ".package": move always to the downloadfolder.
Fileextension ".sims2pack": install always with doubleklick.

To use recolored objects in your game, you need the ObjectColorEnabler (CEP) from the SimPE Creators.



Why do some downloads not work?

If you have problems with downloading some or all objects, there could be a problem with your downloadmanager. Please deactivate it and try again.

You can also try to download with right click.

Sometimes there are problems with some firewalls. If you use one, you can change the settings to lower security, maybe you must deactivate the firewall at all. Don´t forget to reactivate it right after you have ended to download!!!



Why do some/all objects not appear in my game?

This problem can have several causes
Here the most frequent ones:

1. The base set or -object has not been installed.
Every set has some base objects (sometimes together in a baseset), which are needed to use the other color options of this set. These base objects (meshes) are always on top of the download pages. At the moment that they are installed, the other already installed colors will also appear.

2. An expansion pack (EP) is needed.
With some objects it can happen, that they only work with an expansion pack, when the object creator has installed it on his computer. This can also happen, when he only clones objects, which already existed in the base game.
I can hardly find out, which objects are related, cause I can´t test them without the EP. It´s quite sure, that following objects can cause problems (do not appear) when University is not installed: bookcases, computers, phones, bars, barstools.
It isn´t clear at the moment, if Nightlife will also be needed to use some formally base game objects.

I´m always thankful for advice about problems with my objects. Please let me know with which object/s you have which problem, which EPs are installed and which version of The Sims2 you use (PC or Mac). This will help me to label my objects and make my site more clearly for the users in future.

3. The customer content is disabled (Nightlife).
These problem is solved very quickly. Just enable the customer content in the popup window at the neighborhood choice or in the game options. Download objects or skins will not be loaded, when the customer content is disabled.


Which addons do I need?

Most of my objects do not need any expansion pack.
The few one from which I know that and which addon they need I always mark with letters.

UV = University
NL = Nighlife
OfB = Open for Business


Do the download objects also work with the newest Addons?

To say it shortly: Yes! (march 06: Open for Business)

After some Problems with the first addon, which could be solved very quickly, all objects work mostly without any problems with the newest addons.

Sometimes it could happen that the downloads will not appear correctly or not at all in the game after an addon installation. This can be solved quite simple:

1. Be sure that the user content is enabled. Start the game and enable the content in the appearing popup window (at the neighborhood menu), or enable it at the game options. Normally this will be enough, but sometimes a restart is needed.

2. If this will not solve your problem, you can move your downloads folder (C:\documents and settings\"Username"\my documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads) anywhere outside the game folder. Now start your game, leave it again and move the downloads folder back to his old position. After you start your game again, the downloads should be back as wanted.

Usually, you should save your C:\...\my documents\EA Games\The Sims 2 and remove the downloadfolder before you install a new addon. This provides also possible problems with saved families and houses.


Where are the collection files and how can I use them?

Collection files are ready collections which you can use when you click the following icon in your game:

The collection files show all objects from a set, without having to search them in all categories. You still have to download and install the objects as usual. The collection files don´t contain objects but just list them in a clearly way.

On every Downloadpage you can find a collection icon in the navigation bar. Just click it to download the collection file. You don´t have to extract the file. Just put it into your collections folder, which can be found beside the downloads folder or more detailed here:
C:\...\My documents\EA Games\The Sims 2

After the istallation, only those files will appear in the collection, which you have downloaded and installed. When you download some objects later, they will appear automatically in the collection as soon as they are installed.

How can I make own collections?

To make own collections and sort the items to them, is quite simple. When you are in the object view of the game just turn to the collection view by clicking this icon:

You can create a new collection by clicking the icon next to the first one:

Just enter a name for your new collection (e.g. SG-bathroom02) and choose a matching symbol from the list. You can find SimGedoehns collection icons for download at the top (left) of this site. Just unzip them to:
C:\...\My documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Collections\Icons
When you want to put an item into the new collection, just choose the object in the buy menu and click this symbol:

Now, just choose the symbol of the new collection and press OK.



How can I place my objects optimally (e.g. diagonal)?

You can easily optimize the position of some objects by using cheats.
To enter a cheat you have to press the keys [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[C] to open the cheatbox. Then you can enter a cheat which will stay active until you deactivate it or until you restart the game.

place objects free: boolprop snapobjectstogrid false
place objects diagonal: boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true
(for the diagonal cheat you need University)

To deaktivate a cheat enter it again and replace true with false or vice versa.



Why is this site called SimGedoehns?

Gedoehns is a german slang word and just mean stuff or rubbish. As I was planning my site I didn´t have any idea for a nice Sim site name. So I used this "temorarely" to make the logo and sitedesign. But I didn´t had a better idea so I went online with this name. No it is a little bit to uninternational I know, but all of my german fans don´t want another name. I tried to ask for suggestions in a german forum, but anybody told me to stay with this name :)
So I fear you have to do it with it now ;)




  This Site is a member of the Creator Codex Community

The Creator Codex is a community of Sims-creators, who wants to promote more fairness with handling their own and the items of other creators.
Therefore there are created a few new symbols, which allows other creators to get a fast overview about which files may be used in which way.
The symbols are the same on all sites that joined the creator codex community and they clearly have the same meaning. This should be a great relief for other creators, which don´t have to search for different terms of use. The symbols are easy to learn.
We hope you´ll like this idea and we invite you to join our community.
>>Creator Codex Forum

The files which are marked with one or more symbols, may be used in the way of the symbols meaning.
  Files with the following symbols may be:
  used in download houses
  changed (mesh)
  redistributed with recolors (mesh)
  shared by email etc. (filesharing)

Files without symbols are not allowed to change or redistribute in any way. They are only meant for private use.

Images may not be linked directly from this server, to distribute them on another webite or a forum. (hotlinking)

Own made images of the items may be distributed without permission.

For items which may be recolored but not be redistributed, you may link directly to the original download page (deeplinking)

Credit is always nice.

Do you want to learn more about the Creator Codex, or if you want to join the community, you will find a lot of information and support in the >>Creator Codex Forum





To download and use any of the objects on this site is on your own risk.

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